ERS electronic announces the AC3 Fusion thermal chuck system, a versatile and more sustainable solution for temperature test in wafer probing

APRIL 22nd, 2022 – ERS electronic, the industry leader in the market of thermal management solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, is introducing an extension of the renowned AC3 thermal chuck system, called Fusion. The system comes with a new series of high-performance chillers that have three default on-site configurable modes, each optimized to meet specific test requirements, and a Fusion mode that allows the key parameters to be defined by the user. With these modes, the AC3 Fusion thermal chuck system is a no-compromise solution for energy-efficient and flexible tri-temperature wafer test.

ERS’s AC3 with patented air-management technology was introduced to the market in 2005. Since then, it has gained a reputation for being one of the most cost-efficient and resource-friendly thermal chuck systems in the industry due to its recycling of the air three times: for pre-cooling, cooling, and purging.
To further minimize costs and energy consumed during temperature test, the AC3 Fusion offers the ECO mode, which can save up to 65% energy during ambient and hot test. Another component of the system is the AC3 Fusion calculator application. It allows the user to calculate the energy consumption and cost of each mode in different test scenarios.

“When we started working on AC3 Fusion, our focus was on further increasing the efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of our system”, says CTO of ERS electronic, Klemens Reitinger. “With this solution, we are taking temperature test in wafer probing to another level by providing all of these modes in one system.”

“We believe that we have a responsibility to develop technologies that encourage and enable a lower carbon economy, which is why we have chosen to announce AC3 Fusion on Earth Day,” says Laurent Giai-Miniet, CEO of ERS electronic. “To further improve our own sustainability performance, we have joined the organization Leaders for Climate Action, which is helping us measure and reduce our emissions and ultimately reach our target of climate neutrality.”

AC3 Fusion is available to order starting from June.