ERS’s High Power Dissipation thermal chuck system offers accurate and powerful temperature control of the device under test (DUT) during wafer probing of complex embedded processors, e.g. CPUs and GPUs needed for artificial intelligence (AI) and data centers, and high parallelism devices, like DRAM and NAND.

It can dissipate up to 2.5kW at -40°C on a 300 mm chuck, thereby allowing the testing of single dies as well as tests with full wafer contact. As an added option, the system comes with an industry-best temperature uniformity of ±0.2°C at -40°C, going down to even ±0.1°C between -20°C and +85°C, making it ideal for the testing of sensors.

The thermal chuck consists of several sections that can be controlled individually, thanks to ERS’s patented PowerSense software. When power is applied to the wafer, it immediately detects the increasing heat and reacts quickly by cooling down the affected area.
To achieve the lightning-fast dissipation coupled with the high temperature uniformity, ERS’s new thermal chuck system comes with a chiller cooled with liquid instead of air.
The chiller comes in two sizes; a regular-sized chiller for temperatures down to -60°C and a smaller version for temperatures down to -40°C. The chuck is available in 200 and 300 mm.


Available upper temperature limits
150°C, +200°C
Available lower temperature limits
-40°C, -60 °C
Liquid, Novec 7200; Novec 7500 or on request
Temperature Stability
Temperature Display Accuracy
Surface flatness and base parallelism
-55 °C up to +300 °C < ±12µm (tighter range on request)
Temperature uniformity (Standard)
Temperature uniformity (HTU option)
-60°C to -41°C ≤±0.3°C
-40°C to -21°C ≤±0.2°C
-20° to +85°C ≤±0.1°C
+86°C to +100°C ≤±0.2°C
+101°C to +120°C ≤±0.4°C
+121°C to +200°C ≤±0.5°C
Temperature sensors
Qty. 9
Control method
Liquid/Resistance Heater
Heating rate for 300 mm system
25 °C to 200°C:  35 min
Cooling Rate for 300 mm system
+25 °C to -60 °C: 35 min

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