Our Story

Maintaining consistent leadership in thermal management. A profile in innovation quality and efficiency.

Inspired Tradition

ERS produced the first thermal chuck for wafer test in 1970 and has led the industry since. In the late 80’s true production cold test in automatic wafer probers first became thinkable with the ERS SuperCool®. By the early 90’s ERS moved to air-only cooling and reliability expectations changed forever.

ERS products are developed in an atmosphere characterized by ERS’s 50+ year history, its dedication to thermal solutions and its irreverent attitude to the common wisdom of what is possible and what is not.

Only the Best Technology

ERS is a development company with a surprisingly large production capability for true high-volume delivery performance.  The heart of the ERS technology is thermal wafer test technology provided in a reliable product that not only meets the customer requirements but does so with a benchmark development.

One of the key components of the ERS success in the past 20 years was the decision to develop a sophisticated thermal product line exclusively cooled with air.  Products such as the ERS AirCool® and the ERS AC3 are now famous in the industry for their innovative solutions and, above all, for their reliability in the field.

A second key component of ERS’ success is the willingness and genuine interest in the special thermal challenges of our customers.  When other vendors encounter a problem and decline to take the trouble to build the solution, ERS is often able to meet the need and do so in a win-win way.