The new generation of power electronics, driven by developments in electromobility and renewable energies, is pushing the boundaries of MOSFET and IGBT silicon semiconductors, which has lead to a growing popularity of other substrates, namely Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).

To support the evolution of high voltage applications, ERS offers a set of different High Voltage chucks, which can be customized to meet your exact requirements. Our options range from a simple 1.5kV coaxial up to 10kV coaxial, or even 3kV triaxial chuck with currents up to 600A, which can be supported for temperatures between -55°C to +300°C.

By leveraging our more than 15 years of experience in high voltage and ultra-low noise testing we have combined these technologies to guarantee low-level leakage during high voltage measurements up to 10kV, avoiding shot-through.

In addition to custom voltage and current specs, our HV chuck systems are perfect to use for Taiko wafers or thin wafers, and our exchangeable top plate concept allows for flexibility in the test process. Our advanced coating technology ensures that no distortion and oxidization will occur after replicate testing. On request, ERS also offers individual vacuum designs to meet your requirements.

You can contact us for on-site support and upgrade of your current system.


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High Power Coaxial

Up to 10kV
Down to 1,2 nA (3kV)

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High Power Triaxial

Up to 3kV
Down to 50 pA (3kV)

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High Power Ultra-Low Noise

Up to 3kV
Down to 5 pA (3kV)

For special requirements, please contact us.