50th anniversary: Mayor Andreas Haas visits ERS electronic in Germering

On October 1, Mayor Andreas Haas visited the office of ERS electronic GmbH accompanied by his colleague for Economic Affairs Petra Tech and the Commercial Speaker of the City Council Katrin Schmidt, in conjunction with the company’s 50th anniversary. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, the planned company celebration could not take place. Luckily however, the company could invite Mayor Haas and his colleagues – in compliance with the strict hygiene regulations – for a tour through the production site in Stettiner Straße, which has been the headquarters of the company for 40 years.

ERS electronic was founded in 1970 by Erich Reitinger when he invented the very first Thermal Chuck for semiconductor testing. Today the company is the industry-leading manufacturer of thermal management solutions for the semiconductor industry with customers worldwide and sales and support offices in Shanghai, Dallas and Taipei. The Co-CEO, CTO and nephew of the founder, Klemens Reitinger, explains: “In the 1970s, testing semiconductors under temperature was still in its infancy. Today, almost every chip manufacturer tests their semiconductors and we estimate that more than 1/3 of all chips worldwide have been tested on our Chucks”.
Despite having a global presence, ERS’ production still remains entirely at the headquarters in Germering, and most of the components not manufactured by ERS itself are sourced from German manufacturers – with a high proportion of Bavarian suppliers.

The main topic of discussion at the meeting with the Mayor was the challenge of attracting local talent to the company. “In the past few years, we have grown to over 50 employees from more than 15 different nationalities, something we are naturally very proud of. But we also believe that it is important to be anchored in Germering. Therefore, we are constantly looking for qualified people locally who can support our growth”, says Co-CEO and CSMO Laurent Giai-Miniet. “Our meeting with Mayor Haas, Ms. Tech and Ms. Schmidt made it clear just how diverse the range of opportunities is for companies in Germering to raise their own profile and expand their network. The career information fair and the contacts to the Commercial Speakers and Economic Affairs representatives are only some of them. We are very positive and excited to continue working with them to attract more talent to ERS electronic.”.

Mayor Haas is also pleased to see so much innovative strength and commitment on site: “We are grateful that companies like ERS electronic strengthen Germering’s commercial hub, and also contribute to the positive image of our city on a supra-regional level.”

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