AirCool® PRIME Thermal Chuck technology will soon be available for 200 mm wafer testing

ERS electronic GmbH, the industry leader in the market of thermal test solutions for semiconductor production, is today announcing that its AirCool®PRIME thermal chucks will soon be available in 200 mm format. AirCool®PRIME, which saves engineers 60% of soak time in wafer testing, was launched four months ago in 300 mm format and has already been adopted by several global semiconductor vendors. ERS will now launch the smaller scale 200mm wafer chuck format to meet growing customer demand.

ERS’s cutting-edge thermal management chuck technology enables top-notch performance and unique features, including the lowest soaking times within the test cycle, ultra-low noise capability in the single-digit Femto-Ampere (fA) range and, with the help of the PRIME Thermo Shield (PTS), a significant reduction in thermal transition time. As with the 300 mm version, the new 200mm chuck can also be configured for different temperatures ranging from -65°C to up to 300°C using the ERS Electronic’s industry recognized chiller. In addition, the system can now go as low as low as -10°C without a chiller and as low as -40°C with the new compact chiller. The compact chiller is 1/3 the size of standard chillers and is optimized for lower power consumption with improved capabilities that create significant advances for users. “We’re really excited to be able to offer our customers AirCool®PRIME technology in 200mm wafer format”, said Laurent Giai-Miniet, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, ERS Electronic. “The market responded so well to our 300mm AirCool®PRIME product that we have accelerated the availability of the technology for 200 mm wafers, which are still widely used in the RF and automotive industries. The wafer probing market is growing and the 200mm wafer remains very important for our customers”. ERS will begin shipping 200mm chuck AirCool©PRIME in Q4 2018 for immediate integration mainly into the MPI Corporation TS2000-SE probe stations. “Co-developing the Air Cool PRIME technology with ERS Electronic has enabled significant advancements beyond the above mentioned features such as a 40% reduction in transition times, almost 50% less clean dry air (CDA) consumption, maintaining unique thermal range flexibility and field upgradability.” says Stojan Kanev, General Manager of MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test Division. “We have been very successful with the 300 mm AirCool®PRIME based systems and are delighted to offer this technology in our 200 mm platforms later this year. All of these new and unique features facilitate ease of use and significant reductions in the customer’s overall cost of test.”

Press contact:
Sophia Mee-Eun Oldeide
PR & MarCom