ERS electronic adds PRIME 200 to their AirCool® thermal chuck family

ERS electronic GmbH, the industry-leading manufacturer of thermal management solutions for the semiconductor market will offer its customer-favourite AirCool® PRIME for 200 mm wafer format.
Following the success of the 300 mm version, the innovation leader has added a 200 mm counterpart, promising the same performance in a smaller form factor.

The cutting-edge PRIME technology is the result of collaboration with prober manufacturer MPI Corporation and was rolled out in beginning of 2018. Two years later, thanks to PRIME’s many unique features lowering the cost of test without compromising performance, it remains at the forefront of thermal testing technology. Among the unique features are ultra-low noise (ULN) capability in the single-digit Femto-Ampere (fA) range along with the industry’s shortest soak time.

The system can be configured for temperatures ranging from -65°C to 300°C and is ideal for testing both high frequency and high voltage applications. Through the PRIME Thermo Shield (PTS) and a unique “mini-environment” around the wafer, the transition times and stabilization time after temperature change have been significantly reduced, resulting in shorter overall test times.

The AirCool® PRIME 200 is predicted to become a popular format for new materials like Silicon Carbide (SiC). It is easy-to-use, has a changeable top plate and includes several upgrade paths in temperature and vacuum surface configurations.

“MPI is excited to offer the 200 mm PRIME technology with the most versatile thermal range and built-in field upgradability. The system covers various applications including, but not limited to, ultra-low noise, 1/f, RTN, RF, mmW and high-power accurate measurements,” says Stojan Kanev, General Manager of MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Division. “Another great example of lowering the cost of test, reducing footprint, soak time and significantly decreasing CDA consumption. This ultimately demonstrates the power behind MPI and ERS in developing customer-oriented solutions.”

“We are very proud to see that the PRIME technology has become a favourite in the thermal test industry, and is being widely used for wafer probing of connectivity and electromobility devices. Adding the 200mm version will help accelerate market growth,” says CEO Laurent Giai-Miniet. “The analytical wafer probing market remains the most challenging space in wafer test, and is the main target for ERS innovation. Working with MPI Corporation has been instrumental in bringing advanced Thermal Solutions to the market.“

The PRIME 200 chucks can be ordered for all MPI 200 mm manual, automated and full-automated probe stations.


About MPI Corporation

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