ERS boosts productivity in FOWLP debonding and wafer testing

ERS electronic GmbH, the innovation leader in the market of Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) debonding and thermal test solutions for semiconductor production, will showcase its latest technology developments at Semicon China in Shanghai (March 14 – 16).

ERS is resuming its presence at Semicon China after 12 years with the introduction of several new products that significantly increase FOWLP debonding and wafer test throughput. “With many independent technology developments, the semiconductor equipment market of mainland China has reached a high degree of maturity and is developing impressive dynamics,” explained Klemens Reitinger, Managing Director of ERS electronic GmbH. “At the present level of technological differentiation, highly sophisticated products and specialized expertise are in high demand. This translates into excellent prospects for our business.”

Video presentations of four new debonding machines for FOWLP (Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging) manufacturing processes will take center stage of ERS’ Semicon China’s presence. These machines – type designations ADM330, WAT330, MDM330, MWAT330 – are covering the entire range of debonding and warpage adjust application environments from prototype lab to fully-automated high-volume production, offering carefully graduated combinations of high throughput and flexibility for the respective environments. Based on ERS’ long-standing experience with design and applications of such products, the four new machines have already been put through their paces at ERS’ development facilities and are now ready for market launch with immediate start of series production. “Fully automatic machines that ensure higher productivity and flexibility for the user – this is what currently is the focus of our customers’ demand,” commented Reitinger.

ERS will share its booth at Semicon China with its distribution partners Chain Logic International Corp. (CLIC) and MPI Corp.

About ERS:

ERS electronic GmbH, based in Germering near Munich (Germany), has been producing innovative thermal test solutions for the semiconductor industry for 45 years. The company has gained an outstanding reputation in the sector, notably with its fast and accurate thermal chuck systems for test temperatures ranging from -65°C to +500°C for analytical, parameter-related and manufacturing tests. Today, thermal chuck systems developed by ERS in its product families AC3, AirCool©, AirCool© plus and PowerSense© are an integral component in all larger-sized wafer probers right across the chip industry.

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