Warpage Adjustment

Automatic Warpage Adjustment Station

The WAT330 is a fully automated warpage correction tool, providing optimal results with ERS’ TriTemp Slide technology


The ERS WAT 330 is a fully automatic tool for the thermal forming of 300/330mm FOWLP wafers.  The specially-designed ERS TriTemp Slide® in this system makes it possible to successfully form a wide variety of FOWLP wafers at various stages in their processing and the resulting wafer shape can be matched to the handling specifications of the downstream tool.

The ERS WAT 330 is able to process up to four FOUPs in a fully-automatic operation.  It is equipped with a Wafer-ID reader and an automatic warpage measurement station that enables a high flexibility with 3 separate operation modes.  It can be used strictly as a warpage measurement station, as a warpage adjustment station, or as a warpage measure/adjust/monitor station. The system is designed with a special environmental chamber that can be used to maintain a nitrogen envelope around the wafer during processing.


Technical data

Wafer Size
300 mm / 330mm
Handling System
One 4-Axis Robot; special endeffector
Maximum Input Warpage
+/- 7mm
Warpage Adjust Method
ERS TriTemp Slide
Typical Output warpage
< 500µm
Temperature Control
DC PID and ERS AirCool® components
Temperature Range
-10°C up to +260°C (depending on station)
Oxygen Free Environment


W x D x H
2273 x 1134 x 1741 mm

Facility Supply

400 VAC 3-phase 32A
50 / 60 Hz
18 kW
CDA Pressure
6 bar at 0 °C dew point
CDA Flow Rate
1000 l/min peak
Vacuum Pressure
100 mbar
Vacuum Flow Rate
100 l/min