Debonding System

Automatic FOWLP wafer debonding sytem

Advanced thermal debonding solutions based on ERS’ patented AirCool® technology.


The ERS ADM330 System is designed for fully automated separation of wafer and carrier related to the FOWLP technology („debonding“). Automated debonding for thermal release bonding agents is performed. After that, a proprietary thermal process is applied to reduce and control warpage of the debonded, reconstituted wafer. The system provides high throughput and repeatability of results with respect to the quality of the debonded wafer. The integrated laser scribing chamber in the ADM330 makes 100% monitoring of production-relevant data downstream of the debonding process possible. The ADM330 is equipped for continuous operation with optional FOUP unloading for 300mm or 330mm FOWLP wafers. The system is equipped with OCR/BCR capabilities and ready for SECS/GEM interface integration. The system reads the ID on the carrier and can pass this ID number on to the factory server via the SECS/GEM interface. A recipe download from the server is then possible as is the uploading of result data to the server. Uploading of data from the automatic debonding, automatic de-taping, automatic wafer scribing (and ID-read checking) as well as data from the highly accurate warpage inspection station is possible. Immediate carrier reuse is possible.


– FOWLP optimized thermal debonding

– Fully automatic detaping

– FOWLP wafer warpage control and inspection

– FOWLP wafer frontside marking

– Fully auto “warpage adjust only” mode

– MMI according to SEMI E95

– SECS/GEM according to SEMI E005 and E030

ADM 330


Wafer size
300 mm/ 330mm
Handling system
One 3 and one 4-Axis Robot; special endeffector
Debond System
Thermal, force controlled
Detape System
Vacuum and mechanical
Detape Angle
Adjustable within 45°
Maximum Input Warpage
+/- 5mm
Warpage Adjust Method
ERS TriTemp Slide
Typical Output warpage
< 500µm
Up to 25 depending on product
Temperature control
DC PID and ERS AirCool® components
Temperature range
-10°C up to +260°C (depending on station)
Debond Force
Laser marking
Diode-pumped system, 1064 nm
Oxygen Free Environment


W x D x H
3126mm x 1856mm x 2105mm

Facility Supply

400 VAC 3 Phase 32A
50 / 60 Hz
20 kW
CDA pressure
6 bar at 0 °C Dewpoint
CDA flow rate
1000 l/min peak
Vacuum pressure
100 mbar
Vacuum flow rate
100 l/min