Legendary reliability and low noise capability started the vortex cooling revolution.

  • No liquids or Peltier elements
  • MTBF > 50,000 hours
  • Temperature ranges from -10 to +300 °C
kv chucks1


The ERS AirCool® chuck system was a breakthrough product that introduced the use of pressurized air for active cooling of wafers well below ambient temperatures on the thermal chuck. Because it uses no Peltier elements or fluids inside the chuck, it has become a synonym in the industry for uncompromising reliability and high temperature stability.

The AirCool® chuck system has proven particularly suitable for low noise test due to its quiet air-only operation and high insulation. Its elegant construction made it ideal for extreme high temperature test as well as for the development of highly planar surfaces and high-voltage applications.

With the introduction of the AirCool® system, MTBF values of more than 50,000 hours became reality. With the onset of high pin-count wafer test, ERS introduced the “High-Rigid” version of the AirCool® system meeting the demands of the users of high pin-density probe cards. The demand for this air-only system was such that fully integrated applications for all major automatic probers were soon in the field.


Available upper temperature limits
+150°C up to +300°C
Available lower temperature limits
-10 (200mm), 0°C (300mm)
Air (user supplied)
Chuck Temperature Display Resolution
Smallest Temperature Selection Step
Temperature accuracy
±0.1 °C
Max. Voltage between Chuck Top and GND
500 V DC (high voltage option up to 10 kV available)
Surface flatness and base parallelism
up to +300 °C < ±15µm (tighter range on request)
Temperature uniformity
20 °C to +200 °C < ±0.5 °C
> 200 °C < ±0.8 %
Electrical Isolation STD
> 1 T Ohm at +25 °C
Temperature sensor
Pt100 1/3DIN, 4-line wired
Chuck surface plating
Nickel (gold or non-conductive available)
RS232C, Ethernet, others on request
Control method
Low noise DC/PID with Temperature Dynamic Control TDC
Heating rates for 300 mm system
+25 °C to +150 °C: 10 min
+25 °C to +200 °C:  15 min
+25 °C to +300 °C:  25 min
Cooling Rates for 300 mm system
+150 °C to +25 °C: 20 min
+200 °C to +25 °C: 25 min
+300 °C to +25 °C: 30 min

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