Debonding Solutions

ERS is always ready to address the challenges posed by thermal influences in new products and technologies. The more difficult the thermal test or process issue, the more interesting for ERS. Let us know what your problem is and we will provide a solution in a surprisingly short period of time.

Tell us what you need

When a leading manufacturer of mobile communication devices developed a promising new fan-out wafer level package and needed a solution to safely and cleanly remove a molded wafer from a carrier, they came to ERS for a solution.  When licenses for this new technology began to be sold around the world to both chip makers and assembly houses, ERS developed a fleet of automatic and semi-automatic production tools to support the packaging technology.

ERS’s systems have been created to ensure high mechanical accuracy and temperature control to address common issues of a Fan-out packaging structure. These includes die shift and warpage that are both a yield problem and high-volume manufacturing disruption.

Automatic Debonding Machine

Automatic FOWLP Debonding Machine for 200 or 300/330 mm wafers

Manual Panel Debonding Machine

Manual Fan-out Panel Debonding Machine for panels up to 615×615 mm

Manual Debonding Machine

Manual FOWLP Debonding Machine for 300 mm wafers