Magnetic and Hall Effect sensors have become a part of our daily life. The automotive industry is perhaps the largest field of application, as magnetic sensors are crucial for the car’s navigation system, ABS and Electronic Stability Program. These sensors can also be seen more and more in consumer electronics, like for example your mobile phone.

During the temperature test of these devices, it is crucial to have as little magnetic interference as possible from other elements in the test environment. Therefore, ERS has developed a portfolio of anti-magnetic chucks that are made of low-magnetic or non-magnetic materials.

We have spent more than 3 years analyzing and evaluating different materials and methods that allow us to shield the magnetic measurement from temperature influences, without having to sacrifice thermal performance. The combination of carefully selected non ferro-magnetic materials and our specially developed shielding solution, ensures that no magnetic field is created during heating or cooling.

You can also contact us regarding chuck integration into various probe stations, and different add-on options that can improve the performance of the non-magnetic chuck.




Nickel-plated surface.
Little brass, very little stainless steel,
some copper and aluminium.



Gold plating without magnetic influence.
No brass, nickel or stainless steel



Additional non-conductive layer
to avoid electromagnetic

For special requirements, please contact us.