Manual Panel Debond Machine

The MPDM is a manual debonding station, specifically designed for research and development laboratories or pilot lines during the ramp up of new technologies.

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The ERS MPDM System is ideal for the separation of the panel from its carrier related to the FOPLP technology. The debonding of the thermal release bonding agents is performed. The system offers high repeatability of results with respect to the quality of the debonded wafer.

Its special vacuum design and the large range of operating temperatures (up to +240°C) allow the debonding of very thin panels and warpage correction of up to 10mm. Like the previous generation of ERS tools, the MPDM features a contactless and smooth transport mechanism, which enables the transport of the panels from one temperature zone to the other while repairing warpage.

This tool is specially designed for research and development laboratories or pilot lines during the ramp-up of new technology.


  • FOPLP optimized thermal debonding
  • FOPLP wafer warpage control
  • Warpage adjust only mode
  • MMI with touch screen


Technical data

Machine Description
Manual thermal debonding machine with warpage adjustment function
Product size
200mm, 300mm wafer Ø and panels up to 615mm x 615mm
Product thickness
300µm to 1000µm
Carrier size
Up to 630mm x 630mm
Carrier thickness
0,5 to 5,0mm
Warpage Handling Capability
Input: ±10mm, Output: <1mm
Throughput (WPH)
*>15 wafers per hour
Temperature Range
-10°C to 260°C (Station Dependent)
Temperature Uniformity
Set Point ± 3°C
Wafer Transfer System
TriTemp Slide and AirCushion System
ESD Control
Strategic ionizer location with Auto-feedback system

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