ERS electronic expands its go-to-market capabilities in China by opening an evaluation and demonstration lab in Shanghai

June 29th, 2023 – ERS electronic GmbH, the industry leader in the market of thermal management solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, is pleased to announce the establishment of ERS China lab in Shanghai, in collaboration with Shanghai Jinni Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (Jinni). As a trusted technical third party, Jinni has a successful 5-year partnership with ERS electronic. The primary objective behind establishing the ERS China lab is to consistently deliver superior products and services, fostering innovation and achieving mutual growth through collaborative development efforts.

The newly established ERS China lab will serve as a platform for customers, providing them with on-site machine demonstrations and product evaluation capabilities from both ERS and Jinni. By fostering effective communication and resource sharing, ERS aims to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese customers’ requirements, enabling them to more accurately serve the market, expedite product development, and enhance promotion efforts. The ERS China lab will combine the expertise from both organizations.

“We are honored to establish this lab with ERS electronic, as it opens up abundant opportunities for client interactions,” expressed Mr. Peng Limin, CEO of Jinni. “Collaborating with ERS will not only strengthen our business but also contribute to research and development of new technologies for ERS.”

“The co-establishment of ERS China lab represents a significant milestone in our partnership with Jinni,” stated Mr. Zhou Xiang (Joshua), Vice President and General Manager of ERS China. “Through the collaborative sharing of technologies and resources, we will gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and customer requirements, enabling us to provide more effective and high-quality solutions.”

This joint lab will strengthen the partnership between ERS electronic and Jinni, and ERS’s leadership in the thermal management, making valuable contributions to the development of the semiconductor industry.

About Shanghai Jinni:

Established in 2006, Shanghai Jinni Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd owns state-of-the-art facilities, including a 1500 m2 Class 10000 Cleanroom dedicated to semiconductor equipment refurbishment. The company specializes in the sale of used semiconductor equipment and spare parts. Over the years, Jinni has made significant advancements in the field of chip process and packaging consumables. Shanghai Jinni has established good relationships with renowned domestic wafer manufacturing and back-end packaging companies.