Ultra-Low Noise thermal chuck systems protect the chuck from electrical noise and lower the thermal chuck leakage. The high electrical isolation level of ULN makes it ideal for wafer characterization, wafer acceptance test (WAT) and in-line wafer test. In many ways, Ultra-Low Noise technology enables the development of several leading technologies seen in the semiconductor industry today.

ERS’s ULN chuck systems uses a triaxial connection to reduce leakage down to 2.5fA/V. High-end instruments from Keithley, Keysight and National Instruments used for chip characterization on wafer-level, are compatible with our Ultra-Low Noise chucks.

Our ULN offer is specially aligned with these instruments’ needs; Kelvin Triaxial connection and standard plugs for existing ULN cable sets can be provided on request.

In addition to the high performance of ERS ULN, we also offer on-site consulting, audit, and improvement to achieve the best performance in the electrical value for the whole test cell in a very short time.


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Low Noise

Coaxial Connected
Electrical Isolation: > 2,5 TOhm @+25°C

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Lab-Low Noise

Triaxial Connected
Leakage @ +25°C < 50 fA/V
Leakage @ +200° < 200 fA/V
Noise @ +25°C < 50 fA

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Ultra-Low Noise

Triaxial Connected
Leakage @ +25°C < 2,5 fA/V
Leakage @ +200°C < 10 fA/V
Noise @ +25°C < 5 fA

For special requirements, please contact us.