A state-of-the-art solution for temperature calibration in wafer test

A temperature calibration device that allows fully automatic and highly accurate measurements below 30mK in the actual probing area.

  • Calibrated according to ISO 17025 and traceable to ITS90
  • One sensor – no accuracy deviation
  • Robust and easy to recalibrate offline
  • Calibration in the same conditions as probing
  • Easy to use ice-free at cold temperatures
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ProbeSense™ is a patent-pending device for temperature calibration between -65°C to 300°C. 

Temperature has always been an important parameter when testing sensor devices, but now the trend is moving from simple, functional tests to calibration at certain temperatures. To meet the requirements of devices like temperature, gas, humidity and pressure sensors, ERS has developed a unique solution that enables highly accurate temperature measurements over the whole chuck.

The device is called ProbeSense™: a unique temperature calibration tool, that consists of only one sensor. It is mounted in the probe card position of the prober and connected to a calibration instrument, where accuracy below 30mK can be reached. A fully automated calibration process is also possible with an integration of the ProbeSense™ software, which has already been adopted by prober manufacturer, MPI Corporation, and is in the process of being integrated by several other prober manufacturers.

ProbeSense™ comes delivered in a robust, custom-made suitcase and contains the following components:

  • ProbeSense™ with a calibrated sensor down to 10mK
  • Adapter plate(s) for your prober of choice*
  • Temperature measurement device + cable
  • Spare battery for the measurement device
  • USB stick with ProbeSense™ software
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*1x adapter plate is included – additional plates need to be purchased separately