Production Technicians (m/f/d) Temporary: 3-6 months

We are looking for someone to fill the following positions for a temporary 3-6 month period:

Precision Mechanic for the Assembly of High-Precision Mechatronic Components (Chucks) (m/f/d)

  • Independent assembly of complex electromechanical components according to drawings and parts lists
  • Fine adjustment and functional testing as well as electrical and mechanical commissioning of the assembled products

Technician for the Production of Electronic Control units and Cooling Aggregates (Chiller & Controller) (m/f/d)

  • Assembly of electronic control units (controllers) and cooling units (chillers)
  • Completion, parameterization as well as function test of the devices before passing them on to the system testing department

Technician for System Testing (m/f/d)

  • Organization and execution of system testing of our electrical equipment (chuck, chiller, controller)
  • Control of packing and shipping

Employee in Prefabrication (m/f/d)

  • Pre-assembly of precision mechanical (pneumatic) assemblies; complete assembly, complementing and pre-testing of assemblies
  • Cable and hose assembly, hard and soft soldering work

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Completed training as a machining mechanic, precision mechanic, electrical engineering technician, measurement technician
  • Basic knowledge of the materials copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastics
  • Precise and thorough way of working as well as high quality awareness
  • Flexible, motivated and reliable
  • High proficiency in German